Hòn đá từ Bãi Cụng, hay là mũi điêu khắc đá Dremel

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Here's what I got after my trip to Con Dao,

Front iside of the rockand back side

It's a small rock I picked at Ong Dung Beach, Con Dao. The words inscribed on the rock I made at my home after the trip, using the new hand tool called Dremel, a multi-purpose tool that can be used to inscribe words on hard granite rock with a diamond drill bit. I bought the tool some time ago when I checked how to write words on hard rock, and knew that people can use different ways to do so, from 1. tool such as this one, or 2. use chemicals, or 3. use laser technique, or 4. sand blowing or 5. the traditioanal way: chisel and hammer. For personal purpose, use a hand tool as Dremel is the most easy way to do it. Before that I had a talk to my older brother Giang, who suggested to inscribe my grand-grandfather name on the tomb stone that for certain reason we could not know there is not any words on it for more than hundred years ago since his death. I bought the Dremel tool and think that some day I will do the hard work on my grand-grand father's tombstone: to incribe his name on it.

This is the third initial work done with my Dremel, this time on a Con Dao rock!




Ong Dung Beach, Con Dao
8° 41' 17.7108" N, 106° 34' 3.3384" E