D.N.C server hacked, Viet Nam Airline hacked…

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Just before the US's Democratic National Convention (DNC), the chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee (DNC), Mrs Debbie Wasserman Schultz had to resign from her post when the mail server of the DNC had been compromised and 20,000 emails and other important information were published in wikileak.

In a closer look, it is revealed that the server was compromised months (there is a report by a threat analysis firm, Crowdstrike, said that the server had been accessed a year before that!) before the leak on Wikileak is known, and that very probably made by Russia-backed hackers. How deep the role  of Russia in this attack we do not know, but this proves the seriousness of the data thief to government organizations, business and many others.

A day after Hillary official acceptance the nomination of Democracy Party as president candidate, today 30 July I read on medias that the server of the Clinton campaign was hacked, and similar to the DNC email server, it is believed that this was made by Russian-back hackers again. It is reported by a Clinton aid that the analytics program server was compromised for 5 days, and there were no other important data such as personal credit card number or social security numbers.

That is not all the list. Just this morning on today papers I can read about the Vietnam Airline web site and airport service server were attacked and controlled by hackers so deep that they can deface website or control and change air-port's computer announcement system. The airport server had to be disconnected to fix and restore the system. During this time all passenger check-in and boarding had to be done manually.

So what are purposes of these attacks? Is it really that Russia wants to intervene to the US president voting, so that they can have the president they prefer elected? While it is too early and too omplex to have the answer soon, we should seriously think about this. As to the hacking of the Vietnam airport server, can we relate it with the ruling made by the the Permanent Court of Arbitration on China's claiming its sovereignty most of the South China Sea that favors Philippines? (it is said that the hackers attacked servers in Philippine too).