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1. Mai Ấn độ, mai hoa đăng, mai đăng 
Seems that the strange flower tree in front of the house of my neighbor is Cochlospermum religiosum and the Vietnamese name referred to as mai Ấn độ, mai hoa đăng, mai đăng (called by my neighbor “Mai Ấn Độ”, other names I searched in Google). Its flower is yellow similar to Vietnamese mai, the shape is also similar but much bigger (the diameter of the flower can be about 1 dm!). The two types are quite unrelated botanically however. The English names for this tree are buttercup tree, cottontree, Indian buttercup tree, silk cotton tree, torchwood tree, white silk cotton, yellow silk cotton tree. More details please refer to this link http://www.photomazza.com/?Cochlospermum-religiosum
2. Cây Chuông Bạc (chuông vàng)
This tree I saw the first time in Ha Tien some times ago. Its scientific name is Tabebuia arentea, common name is Golden Trumpet tree. I took some pictures of this tree on the way I went to Khanh's girl wedding party (I was first spent a night here before going to Khanh's house). This strange tree with its flowers makes me curious, so the pictures were taken. Though its flowers are yellow, I notice the common English name is not golden trumpet, but silver trumpet, the reason why I call it Chuông Bạc!

This pic was shot in 2013 on my trip to Khanh's girl wedding party. I did not know its name then!