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I was told by my wife the most up-to-date story of my younger sister's husband. 
He prepared a divorce letter and asked my sister to sign in, but without the approve of the government authorized agency.
My sister denied this, and said she would sign only if this was officially registered through authorized office. 
In the reasons he cited to ask for this divorce agreement is that in doing so he could cheat his new girl friend to take the money from her to “raise” the children he had with my sister! Looks like the action of a scoundrel, I think. I do not know why my sister still take him as her husband after so many troubles and foul actions to her and their children. Is that because she is afraid that her children will be without their father, even that father has not even a little honor of a normal man? 
He then got angry and broke into violent actions: to break up the sewing machines/ equipments which are used in make her living and to raise up her children. The house owner seeing the violent action had yelled for help to her neighbor, only at that time he stopped and quit the place for afraid of being hold by police.
My wife said that every time when we go home, she hears a new story about my sister's husband, all of them are notorious ones, as if he's the author of stories, he's not write them, but invented them all! 
My wife also said about Nga younger son's illness: he's had a cold and temperature was too high a day before. When my wife looked at him he said that he felt quite OK. My wife said among my sister's 3  children, the oldest is the most thoughtless in his thinkings and actions, while the two younger look as if they know their parents status.
This holiday Thanh took his wife-to-be, Huong home. On the way home, he visited Son (Tan Binh County) at his home, and asked them (he and his wife) to be attend our family's reunion party held on April 30th. There will be I and my wife, Son and his wife, Thanh and Huong besides my brother An (late because it's his working day in Can Tho), Teo (on the way from Sa dec back and on Dinh Khao Ferry when Thanh called him), and a friend of Thanh. So that party consisted of all men, and the women had their own table, because we used beer while women did not use it.
On the way home, we had a stop at my son in Can Tho University dormitory, now in B Area (original area where first dormitory we used to visit when we studied there is called A Area now?). There's are some huge blocks of 4 story buildings, and I do not know how many rooms a block can have, but I think many. My son is at the top story (4th story), a room share with 3 other students of different majors. We took a ride around the old site (my wife and I both were graduates from this university), which is now all changed. New buildings, new roads, new scenes and rarely old building can be seen now (I mean rooms with walls built by mud and roof with palm leaves, or the old classrooms built before 1975 and leaf  intact in front of Campus II that were still used when we studied there).  How time does fly!
Early the next morning (May 1st), after taking my routine morning exercise, I went to have breakfast with Mr. An, Thanh, Duy and some grand-children. Two many guests and we had to wait a long time before being served. This made my brother angry and asked us if we would change to another place? He called the server to pay for the bill (only some six glasses of cold tea). The attendant then cordially asked us to wait only a minute more, they would serve all! (the problem is not two many guests, but some guest came after us were served before us, this made my brother angry).
When we came back home, I continued riding my moto bike to next village where I saw some vegetable gardens using the water spraying systems. These gardens and water systems I have seen before, but I have never seen them in operations. This time I hope I can see it, so I rode there to have a look again.
It's my lucky: this time I saw two farmers operating the systems. I stood by the road side, looking at the man watering his vegetable. When this man came near me enough, I asked him a question. He strangely looked at me without a reply then went away far into the garden. I was disappointed and rode on some hundred meters backwards, then I saw another farmer who was operating his sprinkling system. His gardens are one both sides of the road. I first saw him to water his garden on the right side, then he brought the motor laid on a hand-operate cart to a position in the left side garden to water it. He installed it to the position and starting to close the circuit to spray the water over the vegetable. I noted that each row of sprayers was operated in just one or two minutes, then closed and started the next row until all of the garden watered.
I had asked him what capacity of the electric motor he's using? He said one is 1 HP motor, and the other is 1 and a half HP motor (1.5 HP). When I asked him how many sprinkling heads can one motor supply water? He said 17 heads. I also noticed that he used the Tube 21 fixed to Tube 27  for the heads. The main line might use Tube 49, but I am not sure for it's rather far from place I was standing. For the sprinklers, he use the self-produced heads similar to the ones made by Mr. Lai Truong Vu in Sa Dec Province (now Mr. Vu is supplying this low-price sprinkling heads to many farmers at reasonable price).

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Thanh went to the market shows (exhibition) in Can Tho to look for some orange breedings to plant in the backyard garden. I accompanied them to have a look at the seedlings supplying area while they bought the trees. (I bought two green tea (Camellia sinensis) seedlings, and two Thai's breed sari as we called it here- in English Acerola (Malpighia glabra L.) trees to bring back to Ca Mau to plant in my garden).
After having our lunch with my mother and my wife, we decided that at 1:30 we would go home.
My sister in law gave some fruits for our son in Can Tho, so we again had to make a stop there to get these fruit. Then we went to Ca Mau. When arrived at Ca Mau, instead of going directly home, we went to my wife's father first. They were preparing foods, cakes...  for the next day Grandmother dead holiday and my wife wanted to give a hand with my parents in law.
After a dinner with my wife's family, I went to my garden to plant the Acerola trees first. For the tea trees I will plant them later...
Back Home Again
Last Sartuday I went back home again after a visit there 2 days before.
Reason is Sunday be my grandmother dead holiday. I went home alone this time after finishing my moring work hours, back home and had a luch alone (my wife was on duty on that Sarturday).  I started at about 13:15 and arrived Binh Minh hai about 17:00 PM.
Just had a quick refreshing myseft with a wash of my face and a change of my shirt, I attended the party held in my brother's house. I saw present in the party Tam's and his friends (4 people), Duy, Thanh, Mr. An, Thien. They had the party since 15:00 PM and in two hours more than 2 cartons of 333 Beer have been used up!
I drank some 4 or 5 cans and the party ended for every one seemed tired.
The next morning my mother got up early, cleaned the house or washing the disks in the kitchen. I hardly imagined there's any other woman at her age could still bear all these hard works of a household manager/ or poorer, server. While her friends are now free of these works or already died, she still be there with works. Seem it's difficult that this will change in some days, for my younger brother, Thanh, at his fifties but still thoughtless, and in fact, on the first two days home of my first trip two days before, I had not seen him! My mother said he's in the backyard garden hut, together with other farmers drinking days after days. I feeled terrified about this, and think that it's so like Mr. Chuc, son of my uncle Sau Khanh, who lived and died lonely in madness in similar way!
I saw some young trees of jackfruit (mít, Arthocarpus heterophyllus) were put in the back of the house and Duy told me that he bought them to grow in the garden.
I and Mr. An had breakfast in the town restaurant onwed by a Mr. Thổ. I thought of a hair cutter I used to visit when I was a high school student with the same name, and asked my brother if this Tho is the man I used to know? He said it's him.
Then I would like to visit the market to look if there's some fresh shrimp to buy home for the party, but I could not find any good shrimp. Then I bought some flowers to put on the bottles put on our ancestor altar (ban tho) that in the early morning my mother asked me to do for it was not decorated with any thing. I said OK, let me do it, so the flowers were for this.
We had small family party at about 10 AM- I, Thanh, An, Duy, Thien and Thanh. At noon I left the party to prepare for my return to Ca Mau, and started home at about 13:15 PM... On the way, some it  lightly then hardly the lightly from Nga Nam to near Ca Mau. I went directly to my garden, seeing that the pond water was pumped out nearly to the bottom. I told my wife to do this before it could be filled in with rain fresh water. 
This time I heard that Mrs Nam Lan, girl of Uncle Ba Lon died two weeks before. Anh Tu, son of Ba Hon also died. Things change, and old people died, new ones born, it's life circle...
Some pictures taken during my home visit, May 2014